Ice Cream Wafers & Cones
When Philp Marcantonio of Marcantonio Foods saw the children's book "Midnight Teddies" he saw the bear he had imagined for his new ice cream wafers. Dana Kubick developed this delightful character, taken from the pages of her book, into the first member of a large family of ice cream wafers and cones.
Little Teddy Ice Cream Wafers
The success of Little Bear Wafers led to the creation of water cups with embossed drawings of the Teddy Bear characters followed by rolled sugar cones. A breakthrough in cone technology allowed the creation of the first fully three-dimensional character cones.
Little Teddy becomes an Ice Cream Wafer   .   .   .   .   and then a cone!!!
Embossed Water Cups Baked Sugar Cones
Fully 3-D cones
Character Cones