Dana Kubick and her twin sister, Michele grew up near New York City sharing their love for reading, making things and especially drawing. Michele Greenstein grew up to be a successful fine art painter, while Dana is still making things---

After getting her BA in Art Education and studying design and illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York with Barry Zaid from Push Pin Studios, Dana came to London in 1972 to live for two or three years, but liked it so much that she is still there, living with her husband Mark Leffler and her cats.

"I left New York, fully intending to come back, but as much as I miss New York, London is where I want to live. One of the things I love about London is that although I live quite close to the centre, I wake to bird song and work next to a window that looks out to the neighbourhood cat traffic with visiting foxes and squirrels."

In the 1980's and 90's Dana worked closely with much loved Hunkydory Designs creating dozens of pop-up greetings cards after studying the collections in the Victoria & Albert and British Museums. Inspired by old tin toys, she also created little shaped tin boxes; boxes that won awards and influenced a whole market. Her love affair with little tins continues and she still designs tin boxes for Elite Gift Boxes.

In 1989, Marcantonio Foods telephoned Dana with a surprising request. When Mr. Marcantonio read Dana's book Midnight Teddies to his young children, he saw the bear he had imagined for his new ice cream wafers. A telephone call, a meeting to discuss baking and batter flow and quite a lot of designing later, Dana and Marcantonio Foods created the first Little Bear Wafers-teddy bear shaped ice cream wafers. With Marcantonio Foods, Dana went on to design Little Bear wafer cups, and most recently Little Bear Teddy Top Cones, teddy bear shaped ice cream cones!


Returning to her early pursuit of photography, Dana has expanded that interest to a third dimension with her work in stereography as well as photography for Omnibus Theatre and Arts Centre (2014-2018) photographing performances of artists such as Judi Dench (2017), Prunella Scales with Timothy West (2015), and Bill Nighy (2018)
. . .
Omnibus actors

and photography for The Clapham Society (2015-present).

Clapham Society

In a happy blend of her interests in architecture and photography, Dana photographed dozens of London buildings, including the cover image, for the book The I'Ansons: A Dynasty of London Architects & Surveyors by Peter Jefferson Smith, published by Brown Dog Books, 2019.

Dana's childhood love of reading continues and writing and illustrating books remains a great favourite---all sort of books---pop-up books for Campbell Books, baby board books and picture books for Walker Books, Piccadilly Press and Oxford University Press.

Her work has been widely exhibited, from the Victoria & Albert Museum and Somerset House to the London Design Centre, and more recently The Illustration Cupboard, The Anna-Mei Chadwick Gallery, and Marwell Zoo. Dana's work was featured in the exhibition Tins! Tins! Tins!, Barnsley Museums, Yorkshire 2019.



You can reach Dana Kubick at:dana@danakubick.co.uk



Best in Metal 1988, MPMA Gold Award, Hunkydory Cottage tins
Best in Metal 1991, MPMA Gold Award, Hunkydory Sweet Dreams tins
Red House Children’s Book Award 2003, short-list; Books for Younger Children, Federation of Children’s Book Groups, To Mum With Love
Platinum Award Winner 2003, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Books Preschool, A Present for Mom
A Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year 2004, A Present for Mom

Photographic Competition 2010, International Fund for Animal Welfare, runner up, “Fox Cubs at Home”

British Stereoscopic Society Competitions
2012 - two competition photographs chosen as “Editor’s choice”, by editor Bill Hibbert for
      The Stereoscopic Journal of 3D Imaging. “Girl in a Pavilion” and “Venice, Rialto Bridge”
      (#12 & #20 in photo gallery)

2015 - “Venice as Gondolas Pass” chosen 1st in Buildings category of competition (#23 in photo gallery)
2018 - selected as competition Judge
2019 - “Children Play Inside the Hive, Kew Gardens,” Commended
2020 - selected as competition Judges’ Chairman
2022 - Winner of the Digital Award; Common Theme Awarded for "Sarah Everard Remembered"

“Owl and the Pussy Cat” Take Five, BBC WorldService, interview with producer Molly Price-Owen,
      9 December 1996.

Fox News, Documentary shown in USA about American expatriates living in England, interviewed as       an illustrator working in London, taped in my studio with presenter Catharine Harwich, producer       Katrina Balmforth, 23 October 1997.
BBC, “Children’s BBC – Tweenies” episode 141: Story Time featured “Something’s Coming”, BBC1,
      August 2000.


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